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Thank you, Humboldt County!!

Jill Stein won 6.12% of our votes, more than three times the vote in California and almost five times that nationwide! As always in the Green Party, the campaign does not end on election day.

Goal #1 is the follow-up on the recount, which has faced every form of interference and evidence of corruption imaginable. To get up-to-date facts, go directly to www.jill2016.com/recount. Follow the events live with Jill Stein and David Cobb on facebook.

Goal #2, concurrent with the recount and ongoing for as long as it takes to succeed, is to reform our entire election system and create a real democracy. That means abolishing the Electoral College and counting only the popular vote. It means banning the use of electronic voting machines and using only verifiable paper ballots nationwide and instant recounting systems such as the Transparency Project we have here in Humboldt County. It means opening the state and national debates and implementing ranked choice voting. It means taking the money out of politics and replacing private and corporate donations with equitable public campaign financing.

A voting system that is fair, accurate, and reliable is essential if we are to have a functinal democracy. jill2016.com/voting_justice_america.

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Are you a student at HSU?
Would you like to help build awareness of the
candidates, goals, and achievements of the Green Party?
Do you believe college should be free?
Do you know that the US president has the authority to cancel student debt
without the approval of Congress?

Check out the Humboldt State University Greens.
Contact us at hsugreens@humboldt.edu
Learn more and take action.
#Its In Our Hands!

The Green Party is an international movement for peace, justice, and democracy with the goal of creating community informed by ecological wisdom. We are a party of, by, and for the people. We take no money from corporations and are accountable only to the people we serve.

Get involved!
Make the Green Party a force to be reckoned with!

For more information, call Dana at (707) 267-5342,
or email dsilver@greens.org.

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#Its In Our Hands!


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