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Arcata City Council

Congratulations, Paul! Arcata is fortunate to have you back on City Council!

Paul Pitino seated in the audience Paul Pitino
Paul was reelected to Arcata City Council in November 2014.
Paul served on Arcata City Council from 2004 to 2008. Since then, he has been actively involved in transportation and safety and serves on the HCOG Social Services Advisory Committee.

“More than anyone else I know, Paul is a man of the people and will put his energy into serving the needs of the people of Arcata.”
- Dave Meserve, former Arcata City Council member

Thank you, Juan! Your campaign brought a diverse and much needed perspective to the City Council race.

Ptograph of Juan
Juan Daniel Fernandez

Humboldt State University graduate with honors. Juan has two Bachelor's Degrees, Political Science and Journalism, and is committed to transparency and community participation in government.

“I support Juan because, as a recent HSU grad, a working class citizen, and a journalist, he is a breath of fresh air with a unique perspective and vision for Arcata, and Humboldt County as a whole.”
- Raúl Gardea, HSU senior, majoring in political science.

Measure P for a GMOFree Humboldt won! Congratulations to us all!

Measure R, the Eureka Fair Wage Act
, lost due to concerns about the impact a higher minimum wage in one part of the county would have on the the overall economy. Fair Wage folks are planning another campaign, this time county-wide!

Congratulations to Natalie Arroyo and Kim Bergel for Eureka City Council! Eureka now has an all-female city council with a progressive majority for the first time in history!

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